Dare Rising Attends Dreamhack Atlanta 2017 with H1Z1!

Fri 7th Jul 2017 - 4:38pm General Gaming

With great excitement, we’d like to announce the acquisition of our new H1Z1 roster consisting of team captain and former Fight For the Crown champions Aladdin and Pinchy, along with Chance, Cloak and Symfuhny. With the team attending Dreamhack Atlanta the team hopes to qualify for the final series and to take home the first championship in the Elite Series.

We are hoping for a great performance and wish the very best for the team as they take on 29 other teams as they fight for the prize pool of $150,000. More information can be found here about the latest tournament. They will fight off against organizations such as, Rogue, Team Kaliber, Detroit Renegades, Epsilon and SoaR Gaming to qualify for the finals to face off against Obey Alliance, CounterLogic Gaming, Denial eSports, World Best Gaming and Luminosity Gaming.

Dare Rising: H1Z1 Roster
- Aladdin: http://twitter.com/AladdinLTD | https://twitch.tv/AladdinLTD
- Pinchy: http://twitter.com/PinchyH1 | https://twitch.tv/Pinchy
- Cloak: http://twitter.com/Cloakzy | https://twitch.tv/Cloakzy
- Chance: http://twitter.com/Chance_H1Z1 | https://twitch.tv/Chancedies
- Symfuhny: http://twitter.com/Symfuhny | https://www.twitch.tv/symfuhny

We spoke to team captain Aladdin on how he feels on the signing with Dare Rising and the team’s plans for the first elite series set at Dreamhack Atlanta, “We are incredibly excited to sign with Dare. We have been looking into orgs for some time and all of us on this roster feel it will be a great fit. We really appreciate the fact that they picked us up for Dreamhack Atlanta so close to the event. As for Dreamhack, we have some pretty nutty players on this roster. Our goal is to just have a fun time playing LAN and meeting up with all of our friends and fans that we have met playing H1Z1. As for placement I feel our roster is a top 5 team, so I have high hopes for Dreamhack Atlanta and future events. We are here to slay.”

When co-owner Tanzer was asked how he feels on the acquisition of the team and hopes for the tournament he stated, “ Couldn't be more proud to announce the acquisition of this team. They have the experience to push themselves forward and take this tournament by storm. All of them seem like great guys, and they have the perfect mental motors and want to keep pushing to get better & better. We can't wait to compete & grow with this team. The future is bright! #DareToAchieve.” We also spoke with co-owners LaKsoh and Cortez and asked if they had anything to say on the topic, “We’re beyond excited to get an opportunity to work with such a talented team and hope they can take home the win.” Tanzer, LaKsoh and Cortez will be attending Dreamhack Atlanta and will be cheering on the H1Z1 team.

We hope you can tune in Saturday, July 22nd to watch our team play LIVE here! Stay connected with our Twitter and the official H1Z1 K.O.T.K. Twitter to stay updated! We are hoping for great heights to be reached and hope you all stick with us on this amazing journey. With a set roster and determination, the team is ready to compete. Thank you to all our fans and sponsors for making this possible.





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