Dare Rising Enters World of Tanks

Tue 24th Jan 2017 - 5:30am Gaming General

Today, Dare Rising is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Team Deja Vu: the top 2 North American team within the World of Tanks League! The roster prides itself as the 2015-2016 Silver League Champions finishing with an impressive 20-0 score. During the first season within Gold League as well, they finished top 3. Moving into this season, the new Dare Rising team has begun with a strong performance, only dropping a single game (3-1) at the current moment and looking to dominate today’s game as well.


The team consists of:


Change (Team Captain)

MyLittlePutin (S1 MVP)










The team twitter can be found at: @DareRising or on their personal team twitter @DareWGLNA 


Upon the team’s arrival, Change mentioned, "Excited to be picked up by Dare, big things to come from us this season. The sky is the limit."


COO Cortez also would like to say:


"We have been interested in World of Tanks for quite some time, last season I watched closely and the team that made the most sense for our vision and how we base the Dare image alone was team Deja Vu. After meeting with Change the team captain of Deja Vu, we knew this was the team we wanted to represent Dare moving forward in the scene. Communication has been great and I have really high hopes for them this upcoming season.”


Please join us in welcoming the new team! You can catch the Dare Rising WGLNA team today on stream at 5:30 PST / 8:30 EST at the following link:


For more information regarding the WGLNA, please visit:





Mimi Linch