Dare Rising Re-Enters Paladins !

Thu 18th May 2017 - 8:46pm Gaming

We are proud to announce that we have officially re-entered the Paladins scene! With former Dare Rising pro player Phazor coming back from our original roster, the new team is looking to take Dare to new and amazing heights.

When captain JakeB was asked how he felt about signing under Dare Rising he stated, "I'm very excited to say that I'm a professional paladins player for Dare Rising. I know my team and I have spent countless hours grinding and sacrificed a lot to be where we are today. We will only get better from here and we're very glad to be doing it under Dare Rising, an awesome organization." 

When one of the owner's of the organization Cortez was asked how he felt on re-entering the Paladins scene and the team itself he said, "I'm happy we are able to re-join the Paladins scene. The personal love for the game I have is immense. After the falling through of our last team, I was happy Phazor stayed in contact. I've always thought of Phazor in a positive way. The way he carries and not only represents himself but the organization is something many seem to lack now adays. After speaking with and even playing Paladins with the new team, we are beyond excited to get back into a scene where we feel we belong. The team has a promising future and I cannot wait to see what they bring to the scene." 

Dare Rising plans on showcasing the talents within the Paladins scene to hope that many take a liking to a scene they may not be familiar with. With a set roster, and a few weeks into the qualifiers for Dreamhack Valencia with a current placing of 4th NA, the team is only looking to improve and showcase their talents and abilities. Thank you to all our fans and sponsors for making this possible.