Re-Introducing Dare CS:GO

Sun 25th Feb 2018 - 8:32pm Gaming

DareRising is excited to announce our return back into the Counter Strike scene! We will be competing in the ESEA Main division with a top contender.

Check out the team below and show support by dropping them all follows to give them a warm welcome to Dare:

Teric "Bibby" Ingram: 

Jake "Lect" Carreno: 

Nick "NickMG" Guynn: 

Kyle "AC130" Kaiser: 

Vincent "KatsUP" Thach: 


Upon Bibby & the crew joining Dare they're very excited & more motivated than ever to compete. Bibby commented,

"It is an honor to be able to play under an organisation such as Dare Rising & get back into playing CS:GO fulltime. I have been away from the scene coaching for some while & have missed the playing aspect of the game. I had a side project i put together full of some unhidden talent. All four of these players are players with the skill and the worth ethic to make it. But as we all know how teams are in North America they always never stay together through thick & thin. Since we all are located within a few hours of eachother we will be attending every west coast lan no matter how small it is. We have been working hard & having an oppurtunity to play under Dare Rising & have that support from them will give us that extra edge to conquer what were here to do." 

Us over at DareRising have nothing but high hopes for the new roster, expect great things from them & more from us in the future regarding CS. For more information regarding the ESEA league and schedule for the future matches and roster, please visit:





Matt Tanzi