Introducing Dare RB6

Tue 8th Nov 2016 - 4:29am Gaming

With the Season 4 reveal of Rainbow 6: Siege fast approaching, Dare Rising is excited to announce the team acquisition of the 3rd best European Xbox team during Season 3 of the Pro Season: Team Pls! Playing as a cohesive unit for over a year, the team first made their marks during Season 3 after beating fan favorites such as Epsilon eSports, Lucky7 Gaming, and U4X eSports. During the 6Cup LAN in Paris, France, the team managed to also place 2nd out of an original 62 teams. With their strong placings in Season 3 and an impressive performance at LAN, the roster fails to disappoint and avoids relegations, qualifying into the next season of RB6.


Regarding the new team, General Manager Ghosty added in, “I haven’t ever met a team more dedicated to the game than Qittal and his crew, and I’m incredibly excited to have them play underneath our logo and with our support. I’m excited to see them show up big time in the next season!”


Team Captain Qittal also expressed his intent on wanting to become not even just the best team in Europe but the best team in the entire world, and we at Dare Rising are happy to go along in that journey.


Without any further ado, please join Dare Rising in welcome the new roster to their new home:


Team Captain Qittal:

Coach BibzyNGZ:






We at Dare Rising are ecstatic for our new roster, and we hope to make a mark on the Rainbow 6 scene in the next season! For more information regarding Season 4 of the Rainbow Six: Siege pro-league, please visit the following:





Mimi Linch

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