Introducing Dare CS:GO

Tue 8th Nov 2016 - 4:35am Gaming

DareRising is excited to announce our expansion back into the Counter Strike: Global Offense scene with the pickup of the team formally known as Pauls Money Group. We will be competing in the ESEA Main division as a top 10 contender. Be sure to check us out on stream, and join us in welcoming our roster to their new home:

Paul “PBM” Martin:
Austin “Virus” Beggs:
Matthew “KP1” McClellan:
Brandon “Teal” Duffy:
Kayvon “kayvonPSK” Naghdi:

Upon the arrival of the new crew, Cortez commented, "I was really excited to get into talks with the team. After speaking with the guys, they came across as down to earth and very professional. I can't wait to see what they can bring to the table, and I’m very happy to have them join our organization.”

Paul “PBM” Martin also mentioned, "We are excited to be joining as Dare’s CS:GO team and are looking to strive far."

We at Dare Rising have high hopes for our new roster, and we look forward to seeing how the season pans out. For more information regarding the ESEA league and schedule for future matches, please visit




Mimi Linch