Dare Rising enters Paladins!

Fri 13th Jan 2017 - 6:31pm Gaming

With the first Paladins 150k Invitational recently coming to a close, Dare Rising sets their site towards the community-ran Winter Tournament 2017 event and the future Spring circuit with their newest addition to the organization: the Paladins team formerly known as Titans.


Dare Rising: Paladins is an upcoming roster formed by talent from several top teams in North America. With the core of their team securing numerous top 3-4 finishes during their competitive careers, the roster can only get better with the help of ex-competitive Overwatch figures Eric “EMPERIC” Medeiros and Kevin “Phazor” Campbell. With their first matches beginning in February, the team is ready to climb the ladder and show that they are a global threat within the upcoming Challengers league.


Hunter “WizDude” Lita - @DareWizDude

Kevin “Phazor” Campbell - @DarePhazor

Hunter “Guinn” Guinn – @DareGuinn

Eric “EMPERIC” Medeiros – @DareEMPERIC

Michael “Plum” Sinkankas – @DarePlum_


Upon arriving at Dare, Eric “EMPERIC” Medeiros states:


“As a team, we are very excited on joining Dare and cannot wait for the future together. We are optimistic that under the Dare Rising brand we will be able to achieve more than we realized.”


General Manager Mimi “Ghosty” Linch had the following statement upon the team’s arrival:


“I’m really excited for the chance to support our Paladins team, and I can’t wait to see how the next season pans out! I feel like Dare Rising and the team’s goals coincide, and I’m really eager to be in a scene that we as an organization can help grow.”


For more information about the $2000 Winter Tournament 2017 event, please visit Stay tuned for more information about the Spring circuit in Paladins esports!





Mimi Linch