The Start of WGLNA Season 4 | Change in Captaincy

Fri 12th May 2017 - 4:14am General Gaming

At the follow up of season 3, former team captain Change had decided to step down as team captain of Dare World of Tanks. Will "Change" is currently pursuing life goals that very from sports to education. We wish Change nothing but the best and hope he is succesful in his future endeavors.

With Change stepping down, Derjil has taken the step forward to help further the success of Dare World of Tanks. When Derjil was asked how he felt about being the new team's captain and how the upcoming season would be different, Derjil stated,

"As the new captain of Dare Rising's World of Tanks team, I want to assure any fans we may have that the team is in good hands. Being one of the original members of our team (back in Silver Leauge, known as team Envy), I feel I will be able to successfully lead our team back to regional finals, and to next year's grand finals. Our previous captain is stepping down to focus more on school, and I commend him on his efforts last season. I think I can change the overall attitude towards the team, and make it feel less like a job. Last season, I felt that everyone felt like co-workers more than teammates. In a sense we are co-workers, but I believe that breeds an inappropriate attitude towards each other. I felt like that limited our ability, of which we have plenty. We have to recognize we are all after a common goal, to play on the biggest stages and win the biggest prizes, and that's exactly what we're going to do for the 2017-2018 season."

More can be seen on Adam "Derjil" Devigili in our latest "Dare To Live" series that is on our very own YouTube channel. You can watch "Dare To Live" by clicking the word "here". Dare World of Tanks finished off season 3 with a 4th place finish at the NA regional finals in Burbank, California which left the team in pretty rough shape.

"Change was a great team captain, his communication skills and care for his team showed many times throughout the plenty of converstaions we as an organization have had with him. Overall, Change will be missed. At the NA regional finals, the team was expected for a higher placing and with new leadership, Derjil is hoping to take the team to that place. I believe he can take the team to new and even better heights. I'm looking forward to the upcoming season." Was quoted by Cortez who is one of the owner's of Dare. 

You can find out more about Dare World of Tanks over on our "Teams" page and click on the tab labeled "World of Tanks".