Twitch is the Official Broadcasting Platform of Dare Rising!

Wed 7th Jun 2017 - 6:53pm General Gaming

We are proud to announce the offical partnering between Twitch and Dare Rising! What does this mean you ask? Twitch will be the live platform that we at Dare Rising will exclusively use to showcase our content. Moving forward, we have plans of keeping live content always in front of you. The official "DareRising" Twitch will becoming active along with special promotions the team is going to offer through our streams to you the viewer and or fan to have a better experience and feel more of a personal relationship with the creator behind the camera and or microphone. 

It is important to showcase live content so you the viewer can see how the creator lives their daily life and creates the conent they make. We at DareRising know this is important and are going to persue an active schedule to bring you the viewers and fans content to be consumed. In conjunction with @MinnesotaMocha and our professional Esports players, they have been added onto the DareRising partnered stream team. Congratulations to them on the partner button! 

We spoke to owner Laksoh and asked for his thoughts on the partnership, "I am extremely proud to announce our Partnership with Twitch. We have been working for quite some time to make this happen not only for ourselves, but for the fans as well. This is one of the many steps we have been looking to take to help get to the vision we want to see Dare become. Overall I am very excited for whats in store for the future! We hope you are too!"

We also spoke to Dave other known as D3tox who is the head of our stream team here at Dare Rising and asked him how he felt on the partnership, "I am incredibly proud of everyone who has put work into this, whether it be the people who grinded 200 hours a month or to the associates at Twitch including Nick Lupo who have given us this great opportunity."

In celebration of this great achievement, we are going to be holding a special event in the coming months that will provide a great opporotunity for the community to be involved in the growth of the organization. #DareToAudition

We are happy to be moving forward and creating a future with Twitch & Twitch Esports. We'd like to thank all of our viewers and fans for this great opportunity they have helped bring upon us. 




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