Dreamhack Atlanta 2017 Recap

Tue 25th Jul 2017 - 8:35pm General Gaming

Dreamhack Atlanta 2017 has come and gone and there's a few things to share. Aladdin taking 3rd overall in the first ever Elite Series Solo's winning $12,000 and an additional $1,000 plus some change due to receiving $100 per kill bounty in the finals.

In game one Aladdin played the course of the game with strategy and making the play count when it mattered most. Aladdin pushes through 58 other players in game to go one on one with World Best Gaming's Gorany. With the gas pushing from behind Aladdin and only having one tree for cover, every move mattered. Taking off Gorany's helmet TWICE and armor, Gorany was able to shrug off the hits and was able to overcome Aladdin's push and was able to take the victory for game 1, giving Aladdin second place. Game 2, Aladdin again plays with strategy and plays out the map. Aladdin would come to place 10th in that game along with another 10th placement in the third game. Aladdin would finish with 305,140 total points leaving him 7,640 points behind second place which was Team Kailber's Prox.

Onto the team series. Dare's roster consisting of Aladdin, Cloak, Chance, Symfuhny and Pinchy, the team was ready to compete. Along with eleven other teams in group B, it was time to find out who the three qualifying teams were going to be. Two qualifying games were played. Each team spawned and landed in their respected zones. After watching the looting and every team avoiding each other for ten plus minutes, it was time to get to the action. Dare was able to stay up past 4 teams until they're were only 8 teams remaining where a large gun fight sprung out causing many teams to fall at nearly the same time. Aladdin would end up being the final death for the team around the time of 2 other teams defeat giving Dare a 6th place finish for game 1.
Game 2, again we see the dropping and looting followed by the avoiding each team phase. Dare would find themselves in the North West corner of the map around Team Kaliber. Instead of pursuing the direction of south east / east towards the middle of the safe zone, the team chose to head straight south along the outer lining of the gas where four teams would currently be battling. GFE, Rouge, Gankstars and SoaR Gaming were the four teams. With SoaR dropping first the focus shifted towards Gankstars who would be stuck along the edge of a building and the ridge of the river. Rouge behind them along with GFE in front of them this seemed to be a do or die moment for Gankstars. Dare would then be pushing from the north towards GFE which gave Gankstars enough of a relief to shift focus elsewhere while GFE and Dare battled it out. It seemed to be a promising overtake by Dare until one grenade took out two of Dares members, causing them to only have three up. With the gas close behind, first aid kits being used and being surrounded in a building it was time to make a move. The team would make its way out of the building they were holding up in to go straight into a gun fight. With exchanging kills, Aladdin and Chance would be the the following Dare members to fall. Cloak still alive but bandaging needed to move due to the strength of the gas which only heated the moment more. Cloak would move forward to be taken out and give Dare a 7th place finish resulting the team to not qualify for the finals on Sunday.

The weekend showed the start of Daybreaks new H1Z1's Elite Series for both teams and solos. The scene looks to need some work, but progress takes time and overall our expierence was great nonetheless. We want to thank all of you for the endless support you showed over the weekend for our team and staff. We'd like to take a moment and thank our sponsors as well for making this happen. 

To see more on the weekend of Dreamhack Atlanta 2017, follow up on Dare Rising's YouTube channel and watch "Dare To Live" too see more soon!