• Dare Dockery

    Rahmel Dockery

    Lead of Dare Rising | Live by Faith, not sight! ...Read More

  • Dare Dezah

    Alexander Fry

    Director for @DareRising. I Strive to bring the best content possible to my viewers and fans of both my personal channel and Dare Rising's channel. ...Read More

  • TCousteau

    Tyler Cousteau

    Guy with the voice. www.TCousteau.com...Read More

  • Dare Rams

    Member of Dare | 100k Subscribers on my new Youtube channel | Dutch/English Entertainer | Making videos since 2010...Read More

  • Kites

    Isaak Ford

    Hey, my name is Isaak also known as Kites. I'm a Director for @DareRising with 5,300+ Subscribers. Always grinding to achieve my best! 'The Australian God'....Read More

  • Dare Awano

    I'm 20 years old from Norway and I'm spending 15 hours of my day trying to hit trickshots. Uploading once in a while but I stream alot ...Read More

  • Dare Dixon

    Kenneth Dixon

    I'm a 19 year old who just enjoys playing games and entertaining people. I upload games mainly, but I do vlogs and skits every now and then. If you enjoy Fortnite, then I'm the right guy for ya. I'm active on my channel and sometimes stream as well. If you guys enjoy the content, don't be afraid to stick around and go on the grind with me!...Read More

  • Dare Drafts

    Drafts 1c

    Youtube and Twitch entertainer...Read More