Meet our Professional Paladins team!

  • jakeb

    Jake Bush

    Professional DPS paladins player for DareRising. I started my competitive career in Quake and quickly fell in love with playing competitively in various fps titles. I've been playing paladins competitively since pacth CB 7 and have loved every bit of it!...Read More

  • DarkRider

    Bryan Lee

    My name is Bryan Lee. I am a professional Paladins player for Dare Rising. I have been playing Paladins competitively since Fall split of 2016, first for Arise, then for VexX Gaming, then IWWA, and now for Dare Rising. I started out as flex damage and then switched to support....Read More


    Andy Cross

    Paladins Player for Dare Rising. Also french canadian !...Read More

  • Protection

    Taylor Cooksey

    Professional Paladins player for Dare Rising, I started my gaming career playing mostly mmo's such as Everquest and WoW before moving to League of Legends for 3 years. After that I began playing my first fps game CS:GO & casually started playing in Faceit community tournaments and dabbling around on ESEA for about a year and came to Paladins in January 2016 and have been hooked on the game since. c u in the realm boi ...Read More

  • Phazor

    Kevin Campbell

    Professional Paladins player for Dare Rising. Again. Sometimes referred to as BarikIRL Kappa. ...Read More

  • willdelmundo

    William del Mundo

    Professional Paladins player front line main....Read More

  • Invocal

    Jaeden Smith

    Professional paladins player for Dare rising, here to get better and grind to the top. ...Read More