• Shraded

    Dakota Freelon

    Dakota "Shraded" Freelon is a Professional PUBG player for Dare Rising. Playing video games competitively for 10+ years now across all platforms. Streaming Monday - Friday starting at 1PM EST over at "Super excited to be apart of Dare! Have known the brand since MW2 quickscoping days haha." - Shraded...Read More

  • Coverfire

    Kirk Richardson

    My real name is Kirk, but I go by Coverfire in the E-World! Started playing games at a very young age, first FPS was the original Doom. Since then I've played all sorts of games throughout the spectrum, but I have a special place for FPS games. Played Halo 3 Semi-professionally, but my first big step into Esports is with PUBG. PUBG is an awesome game, and I wouldn't be playing it professionally if I didn't love it!...Read More

  • Fear_Me

    Ryan Smith

    22 year old competitive gamer from Kentucky. I played every call of duty up until black ops 3 then built my first pc. I started out with csgo then when pubg came out I invested all my time into going pro. ...Read More

  • Gunner

    Owen Monahan

    I was a machine gunner in the United States Marine Corps. I served for 4 years and did 3 deployments. I now play Pubg and stream on twitch ...Read More